Apply for a Graduate Assistant Position

Submit your application to a Graduate Assistant position within the Hilton C. Buley Library at Southern Connecticut State University. This is a general form for graduate assistant positions, so please refer to advertisement for job duties, qualifications and closing dates.

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Curriculum Vitae Instructions

Please provide your current curriculum vitae (CV). The CV should include the information listed below. Other information such as Volunteer Experience, Foreign Language, and Information Technology skills may also be included in the CV. Submitting your CV in this format will help us expedite your application processing through the School of Graduate and Professional Studes.


List all post-secondary institutions attended in chronological order starting with the most recent. For each program, enter the beginning and end dates in the appropriate column. Cite the degrees obtained. If a degree was not conferred, enter a hyphen. Cite the cumulative GPA using two decimal points. GPAs must be cited in a manner that is consistent with the figures that appear on your transcripts.

For example:

Institutions Attended Dates Received Degree(s) of credits Number Cum. GPA
State University of New York 2000-2004 B.A. 90 3.6
Central Connecticut State University 2002-2004 - 12 3.45
University of South Florida 1995-1998 - 20 4.00

Work Experience

List all employers and job titles in chronological order starting with the most recent. For each job, enter the beginning and end dates.

Academic Honors, Awards, Publications, Exhibitions, Performances, etc.

List titles of any awards received during the course of your academic career. Include the dates and the awarding institution or agency. Please use a separate sheet if additional space is required. Do not include any other supporting materials, e.g., copies of articles, photographs of awards, etc.